What We Do

SLF Action Groups

Our Action Groups create the space to consider and test new and innovative approaches, driving transformational whole-system change, at pace and scale. These are voluntary, led by members of our leadership group, and address key themes that emerged from the wider Forum.

  • Accountability and Incentives Action Group: Explores what ways we can strengthen the accountability of and incentives for leaders to deliver on the NPF outcomes alongside specific, local organisational objectives.
  • Child Poverty Action Group: A key, overarching policy challenge – we recognise that targeted and intensive action to tackle child poverty can act as a springboard to tackling other inequalities too.
  • Climate Emergency Action Group: Explores how public services can respond to the challenge as well as exploring the implications of climate change for our public services.

Leadership Development

To support the delivery of the National Performance Framework, we are developing a cross-sectoral SLF Leadership Offer that will focus on values based leadership, systems thinking, data and technology, staff empowerment, diversity and inclusion, agility and resilience.

The SLF is already piloting a SLF Leadership Exchange programme, utilising ACOSVO’s already well-established initiative.

Collective Leadership for Scotland (CLS) is a well-established work stream of the SLF. CLS is based upon the underpinning principles that conventional models for leadership do not work as well as they could, because systemic issues are interconnected, complex and systematic. To affect change and achieve the interrelated National Outcomes for Scotland, CLS believes in acting collaboratively and collectively across public services. The aim is to establish together how we need to work differently in order to support change in public services and thus deliver better outcomes for people and communities within Scotland. CLS support is available to anyone working in or delivering public services in Scotland.

Local based Activity

The SLF places huge importance on Place-based Approaches and continues to explore local expressions of the SLF. We know that transformation is most keenly felt in communities and places, and that there is already a wealth of innovative local activity taking place that our members can learn from, and which the Forum might be able to help accelerate.

National Forums

Our National Forums offer the opportunity for our membership to come together to network, enhance relationships, explore the best emerging local, nation and international developments, and engage with key speakers from across the leadership spectrum. They also provide an opportunity to explore deeper, and engage further with our year-round work.

We are always looking for passionate and driven SLF members who can contribute to the SLF Action Groups and the wider family of SLF programmes. If you’re interested in doing more, please contact us.

NPF illustrated Twitter file
The National Performance Framework illustrated by Linda Hunter