Our Purpose, Actions and Values

Who we are

The SLF is a collaborative forum of over 300 senior leaders (Chief Executive or equivalent) drawn from across public services, third sector organisations, equality groups, and organisations that are delivering public services.

Our Values

Our values reflect those of the National Performance Framework (NPF) with a special emphasis on treating all our people with kindness, dignity and compassion, and the commitment to act in an open and transparent way at all times.

How we work

Our focus on collaboration is reflected in how we plan, design and deliver our work. Senior leaders from across Scotland’s public and third sector, come together to create and agree our programme of work. This Strategic Leadership or Planning Group is co-chaired and jointly supported by both COSLA and Scottish Government.

We want to drive system change, invite challenge, improve performance and make our ambition to achieve the NPF more likely. We place significant value on data and evidence and understand the value of collective leadership, whilst drawing upon the learning and expertise of Leadership Development Programmes across all sectors. Key to this is transforming how we work together, and how we better support each other, to improve the lives of communities across Scotland.

The Challenge

These are challenging times: demographic and intergenerational change, the climate emergency, increasing and shifting expectations of public services from our communities, managing the implications of EU Exit and the pace and cost of technological development. However, our greatest challenge remains in addressing deeply entrenched economic and social inequalities that restrict the life chances of too many people. It is vital that we remain focussed on the positive impact that we can make to improving people’s lives by working together through the National Performance Framework.

SLF in Action

The SLF was relaunched in June 2019, with a commitment to a bold and ambitious, action-focused, value-based programme of activity that inspires and challenges senior leaders to drive public service transformation, at scale and pace, and over the long term.

Central to this are our Action Groups, which are creating opportunities to consider and test new and innovative approaches, driving transformational whole-system change, at pace, across our public service reform ambitions.

This will be supported by Leadership Development work, Leadership Exchange Opportunities, and Collective Leadership offers, as well as opportunities for sharing knowledge, experience, and resolving issues.

Place-based Approaches are fundamental to the success of our Forum and we will explore how the SLF can be expressed “locally” as well as nationally, with a view to aligning and developing networks, streamlining transformation and programme delivery, and sharing learning, challenges, and successes.

Our National Forums offer opportunities for our members to come together to network, enhance relationships, and explore the best emerging local, national and international developments. They also provide opportunities to explore deeper, and engage further with our year-round work.

For more information on our governance and accountability please contact us.