Leading Together – Peer Mentoring

The SLF, in partnership with ACOSVO, invite members to take part in a bespoke peer mentoring and wellbeing opportunity. Join fellow SLF members in a co-created, small group setting, to consider wellbeing, creative approaches to resilience challenges, and experience peer support and peer mentoring along the way.
These sessions will acknowledge the stresses and challenges of the pandemic as we navigate the recovery phase, understanding the risk of burn-out, and highlight the importance of personal resilience.  Centring on a holistic suite of mentoring and wellbeing opportunities, with a clear focus on resilience and peer support, this offer will help leaders not only digest and share experiences positively and cathartically, but also provide opportunities to explore upcoming key issues, both personally and professionally, and how that can be supported compassionately, with kindness and joy.  This offer will primarily consist of four monthly two-hour sessions.
If you would like to find out more about this opportunity, contact Phili Wetton phili.wetton@acosvo.org.uk  or the SLF Programme Team scottishleadersforum@gov.scot