Leading Together – Action Learning

The Scottish Leaders Forum is pleased to offer members the opportunity to join one of four highly practical, reflective spaces, where leaders will be able to come together to share challenges, learn together and work through many of the ongoing and complex issues that characterise the transformation of our public services.

Our leadership has never been more important and the challenges we face have never been more complex. The demands and pressures upon us are often hard to share. The space for personal and professional reflection can feel very difficult to carve out, despite knowing that this is a critical investment in our individual and collective effectiveness.

This is why we are delighted to be able share with you the latest offer from the SLF’s Leading Together programme – Action Learning.  This is an exciting development which offers up to 40 SLF members the opportunity to join one of four action learning peer groups.

These groups will create a space, both online and eventually in a face to face setting, where we as senior leaders and Chief Executives, from across public, private, voluntary, community and third sectors, can come together, to share in a high quality, facilitated experience for reflection, sharing and peer support.

Participation will help us to:

  • Learn from experience and the experience of others
  • Gain greater clarity and focus about our critical leadership challenges
  • Increase self-awareness and build confidence in our decision making
  • Clarify our identity as leaders and articulate our point of view and values
  • Make better sense of complexity and context
  • Test and broaden our options for action
  • Improve our personal wellbeing and resilience 

We hope you will take part in this exciting offer.

The Programme

In order to create a genuinely collaborative learning experience, each Leading Together Action Learning group will have a maximum of 10 participants. This will provide a foundation for members to build strong, supportive relationships with one another.

Groups are based on the following design principles:

  • Monthly, ½-day, physical and virtual group meetings
  • Group discussion, facilitated peer group consultation and individual reflection to review your strategic challenges and key performance issues
  • Mutual support and challenge from fellow senior leaders in a confidential and respectful environment
  • Support for structured personal reflection and paired conversations outwith group meetings

The groups will meet up to 6 times over 6 – 8 months.  The first 3 meetings will be facilitated by highly experienced external facilitators.  The facilitators will help the groups establish themselves with the aim of becoming self-sustaining for at least a further 3 meetings.


We are inviting nominations and expressions of interest now with the first group launching on 16 June (0930-1230), with an initial meeting online, and the opportunity to decide whether to continue online, or meet in person. The remaining groups will launch after the summer.  

Our Partners

Our facilitators Pauline Holland and Clive Martlew from Taylor Clarke are highly experienced leadership coaches and group process facilitators with many years of experience supporting senior leaders, executive leadership teams and Non-Executive Directors across the public and voluntary sectors.

Apply Now

This offer is open to all SLF Members and funding is already in place to support participation.  Applications for the first cohort has closed, however you can still sign up for future sessions. If you are interested in participating, please contact the SLF Programme Team at ScottishLeadersForum@gov.scot, briefly outlining why you wish to join, whether your preference is for on-line, in person, or hybrid sessions, and what key questions you’d like to explore.