ACOSVO is leading on providing peer support for chief executives and senior leaders in Scotland’s Voluntary Sector.  They are offering a range of services and support including Zoom support calls, online mentoring, interim executive services, a crisis support line, a private LinkedIn group and an on-going range of webinars and resources. 

Their Zoom support calls have seen leaders from over 300 organisations taking part and have offered the opportunity for them to come together and share their thoughts and concerns, as well as to delve into more thematic topics such as staff morale, resilience and mutual support. ACOSVO continue to host these free online meetings on a monthly basis for any voluntary sector Chief Executives and senior leaders who would like to participate. These Check-In’s can be booked through their event’s page.  ACOSVO also offer a Leader Support Service to their members, which is a free, confidential package aimed specifically at providing support to third sector Chief Officers who are experiencing difficulties.  You can find out more here.

For cross sector support, leaders from public and private sectors can be matched with third sector leaders in a leadership exchange where they can “walk in each others shoes” . This peer learning opportunity will enable both partners to explore a different context and environment – and to see their own through another’s eyes.

More information on ACOSVO’s offers can be found at: or by contacting: