The Scottish Leaders Forum (SLF) is a network of leaders at the heart of public services in Scotland. They meet to discuss and collaborate on the important policy issues facing Scotland. The SLF collaborates, shares, and improves on co-produced outcomes across all public services for the people of Scotland.

SLF objectives

The Scottish Leaders Forum:

  • Engages actively with members, working in partnership to develop and embed new ideas, innovation, processes, and production techniques, and challenging existing ways of working to improve outcomes
  • Recognises and takes advantage of the plurality of our members, valuing the differences between organisations and the learning we can gain from each other
  • Engenders trust between members, promoting sound judgement in a safe space
  • Reflects on the learning journey, whether positive or otherwise, to the benefit of all members.

SLF approach

The Scottish Leaders Forum is:

  • Collaborative – The SLF shares ideas, initiatives and best practice across member organisations, learning from each other and becoming stronger
  • Innovative – The SLF promotes new ideas, processes, and methodologies as part of an overall strategy that challenges its membership to embrace creative disruption in a safe space
  • Creative – The SLF creates a space for artistic and intellectual inventiveness, generating alternative ideas and possibilities, for consideration when tackling cross-sectoral issues
  • Illuminative – The SLF encourages thought and reflection, promoting scientific thinking, evidence-based reasoning, and intellectual challenge.

Workforce Scotland is a workstream of the SLF.

The work of the SLF is supported by The Scottish Government.

For more information

For more information about the Scottish Leaders Forum, please contact scottish_leaders_forum@gov.scot.