Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy

In Winter 2018, SLF members met with Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, and Chris Stark, Director of Energy and Climate Change for the Scottish Government, to discuss how the Scottish Leaders Forum can be part of leading Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy.

The key theme of the discussion was collaboration. SLF members highlighted that overcoming barriers to implementing low carbon initiatives will require collaboration not only within organisations, but also between organisations. Business plans and organisational priorities need to be aligned to develop shared low carbon objectives that provide the best outcome for all of those involved.

The discussion touched on how different types of communication can help engage people within organisations and the public. Reframing challenges posed by climate change around opportunities to improve people’s lives can help engage people, both within organisations and externally. Attendees noted that an inspiring vision, simple messages and appropriate language can help to engage staff.

SLF members also discussed a range of existing good practice in this area, and a conversation was had around how best to share this information within the network so members can learn from each other. The Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) offers a platform to share good practice happening within the public sector. If anyone would like to contribute examples for the SSN newsletter, you can do so by emailing

The Scottish Government is keen to continue the discussion around climate change with the SLF. If anyone has any priorities for future engagement on climate change then please contact, or contact the Climate Change Team directly at