Leading amidst complexity and uncertainty

Autumn 2017 – Note of event 

The event was facilitated by Sally Loudon, Chief Executive, COSLA, and David Wilson, Executive Director, International Public Policy Institute, University of Strathclyde. David and Sally began by outlining the complexity and uncertainty they were seeing in their organisations and sectors.

The Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe, Michael Russell MSP, provided an update on the current state of negotiations with the UK government and the latest from his discussions with the EU institutions and domestic stakeholders.  He encouraged SLF members to engage with counterparts in the Scottish Government to share information on impacts of Brexit in their organisations and communities.  We also heard from a researcher at University of Edinburgh, about the personal impact Brexit uncertainty was having on EU nationals living and working in Scotland.

During the plenary discussion members agreed to work together on the following themes:

Collective Challenges

Areas where SLF members can work together to develop joint approaches to understanding and responding to shared issues.

Individual Challenges

Recognition that there is a need to support leaders through the complexity and uncertainty, through traditional support routes, peer support or other methods.  Also some discussion about how leaders can support individuals in their organisations who are impacted by Brexit. There was recognition that much of this work is already underway through Workforce Scotland, and a suggestion that WFS would be a good mechanism through which to take forward work under this theme.

Beyond the usual

Recognition that although there are a wide range of people and organisations involved in SLF, there are also areas which are not well represented.  There was also discussion on the support for next generation leaders and how they engage with SLF.